Earlier this year we held a number of interviews with small business owners in the Gulf. These conversations helped us rebuild our customer acquisition strategy to better communicate our value proposition. 

C. Girdwood also spoke at a crowdfunding event organized by Innovate Pasadena. Below are a few pictures of the panel.    

We are preparing to launch another crowdfunding campaign this summer. Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming a part of the team. Thank you for your consideration and continued support. 

Recovery Pledge is a California benefit corporation, reflecting our dedication to the highest standards of ethical accountability, and our commitment to using business as a force for good.  Here is a summary of our work in 2013, Annual Public Benefit Report of Recovery Pledge, including our pursuit of the prestigious B Corporation Certification.

We wish you all a very happy and successful New Year.
Christopher and Marta Girdwood.
We had a great time connecting with 50 other start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs during the Tech Week LA in Santa Monica. See you next year!
We joined the American Express Passion Project. Feel free to check it out here!
We had a great time with all of the fellow competitors. Here is our 3 minute pitch and Q&A!
My Good Friends,

Thank you so much for contributing to the Recovery Pledge crowd-funding campaign. Together, we raised just under $10,000. Even though we did not raise the target amount, we validated the idea of consumer-driven disaster recovery.

Marta and I learned a great deal from this undertaking. Most of all, we connected with you. We will continue to work very hard on your behalf to build the Recovery Pledge marketplace.

Please contact us anytime. 

Chris and Marta Girdwood

Here is our transcribed 30 second pitch that we delivered at the TechSparks event in Pasadena:

"I was working in New Orleans after the oil spill in 2010 where I witnessed the sharp decline in sales that small businesses face after the disaster.

We designed Recovery Pledge to solve this problem by connecting you, a consumer, with small businesses in need. For example, instead of buying that kitchen table from a big box retailer - we want you to buy it from a small business in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina. By stabilizing small businesses - we’ve stabilized the economic engines of cities.

Thank you."

Our list of small businesses is growing with a contribution from Ryan! He supports his favorite small business, BCSM Bakery in Ann Arbor.


Want to feature your own favorite small business on our blog?
Purchase one of our Indiegogo perks, then send us a picture at hello@recoverypledge.com

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce that Recovery Pledge is participating in two fast-pitch competitions. The first will be on September 18th in Pasadena hosted by TechSparks. The second is the UCLA Falling Walls Lab fast-pitch innovation competition on October 3rd, 2013. Both events is open to the public so feel free come and support us!  

The Recovery Pledge team is working very hard on your behalf. We greatly appreciate your support.

Chris Girdwood

For the Motor City, supporting the local auto shops simply makes sense. JG Auto received our Small Business Obsessed perk, which is a life-time membership to Recovery Pledge. Nice!


Want to feature your own favorite small business on our blog?
Purchase one of our Indiegogo perks, then send us a picture at hello@recoverypledge.com